I accidentally ordered two pairs of these slippers but I kept them both to have a backup because I love them so much! They come in so many colors but I can never turn down leopard print! They have a very durable bottom and are so cozy.

I’m obsessed with all of the Mrs. Meyer’s products. I especially love the multi surface cleaner, the air freshener, hand soap, and mopping solution. My favorite scents are Peony, Mint, Geranium, and Lavender.

My #1 movie night essential is homemade popcorn!! Once I started popping my own on the stove, I could no longer settle for microwaveable bags. Some melted butter and salt added to it and you’ll think you’re at the movie theater!

I enjoy diffusing lavender at times for a relaxing atmosphere. At bedtime, I use this in my daughters room just for a nightlight and she loves the changing colors!

Both of my kids have a Lectorfan white noise machine in their rooms and they are a total life saver!

This is my favorite water bottle! I use it every single day. I know that if I fill it up twice and finish them both, I have had enough water for the day.

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