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I have been dipping my own nails for almost 3 years and haven’t had to pay for a salon visit since! I absolutely love it. These are all of my favorite nail supplies. I have accumulated this collection over a few years. I used the Sparkle & Co. Deluxe 6 Piece Dip Powder Starter Kit in this tutorial. The colors I used are Delicate #45 and Angel Wings & Sparkly Things #130. If you have been considering trying out your own dip nails at home I highly recommend getting a kit and taking the plunge! I am so happy I did! It saves me so much money and I have a lot of fun trying out different manicures. If you decide to try a kit from Sparkle & Co. or any of their amazing nail products, you can use my discount code JULES15 to receive 15% off of your purchase!!

This is the organizer I have to hold all of my powders and liquids. I’m obsessed with this storage box! It has 4 trays that stack and a convenient carrying handle.

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